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We Take Your Data to the Cloud

Improve Collaboration, Foster Innovation And Enable Monetization Of Your BookingData

Who We Are

Who are we
Our Story

We are a team of aviation IT professionals, who are on a mission of creating a transparent and fair data marketplace for travel industry. 

For Data Providers

Airlines can share or sell their own data on our secure, easy to use platform with fair rewards. 

For Data Consumers

On our open data market you can get tailored airline booking data that suits your need, with more accuracy than any other product because you are buying directly from the source.

How it works


Customized data API 

Data will be made available though our fully customizable API for easy consumption.

Secure airline data capture

We capture standard aviation data into our secure cloud storage to be aggregated and anonymized to comply with GDPR standards. With minimal efforts from the airlines.


Transparent data market place 

Airlines remains the owner of their own data, providing users more accurate and up-to-date information. 

How it works
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Interested to find out how to create values from your data? Let's talk!

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