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Elevate your Ancillary Sales

Passengers spend more on hotels and car rentals than flights.

Airlines know everything about the profile and the travel pattern of their passengers, and have the option to communicate with them.
Capitalize on this by using BookingData to enable tailored private offers directly from your ancillary partners to your passengers.

This personalized and targeted approach boosts your commissions, with no associated liability, as transactions are executed on the partner's website
Who are we
How we help you benefit
Third-party Ancillary Sales

Enable your partners and other travel service providers to make highly targeted private offers.

Data Market

Make your data available to selected third-party.

How it works
Plug & Play with Existing Infrastructure

BookingData seamlessly melds with your existing digital platforms, such as apps and emails, facilitating a personalized approach to your ancillary offerings. Whether collaborating with existing partners or new providers from our ecosystem, we significantly reduce the effort, cutting it by 90%.

Make Your Data Available

We efficiently convert IATA-compliant data into a secure, privacy-focused feed (HOT files / ODS). Using advanced encryption and strict privacy policies, we maintain confidentiality while allowing airlines to offer personalized services, ensuring both data protection and valuable customer engagement.

10x Ancillary Conversion Rate

BookingData not only simplifies your operations but also yields remarkable results, specifically a tenfold increase in your ancillary conversion rate.

By leveraging personalized ancillary offers, you capture the interest of your customers more effectively. This targeted approach, facilitated by intelligent data use, results in customers being more likely to avail themselves of additional services or products.

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