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Create Value From Your Data

We put airlines at the center of the travel chain and enable monetization of your BookingData

Why work with us

Who are we
Monetization and Value Creation

Realize the true potential of your booking data by generating new revenue streams and making data more accessible

Easy and Secure

No complex onboarding process as our platform fits well with your existing infrastructures. While compliant with strictest security and GDPR requirements

Value from Aggregation

With aggregated data from multiple airlines, we present vastly more compelling value to data purchasers as well as potentially more use cases

How it works
Manage Preferences and Decide Your Audience

We put airlines back into the pilot seat and give you full control for the access of your data. One easily managed within the platform. Our mission is to challenging the status quo and create a transparent travel data infrastructure.

Make Your Data Available

We convert existing IATA compliant formatted data into secure, privacy centric data feed with minimal efforts. Like Amazon for travel data, we enable airlines to sell their own data in secure and transparent manner.

Extract Value and Monetize 

With BookingData all-in-one platform, you can easily manage and monitor your sales, permissions and partnership related information though intuitive dashboard in realtime.   

Trusted by industry
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Integrated Hotel Offer

Now airlines can embed hotel offers directly into their customers' user journey though airline apps or emails. Creating an unified user experience free of distractions from third party platform, as well as save on commissions.

A growing number of our clients need your data for their various use cases. That’s why we’ve built the BookingData platform, providing them with a one-stop shop for airline data for all stakeholders in the travel industry. If you are interested in finding new opportunities to monetize your data, you are in the right place.

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use cases
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