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Create Value From Your Data
By placing airlines at the heart of the travel ecosystem, we empower the monetization of your booking data, creating added value and enriching the travel experience.

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Monetization and Value Creation

Unlock the full potential of your booking data to create new revenue streams, enhancing accessibility and transforming it into a strategic asset.

Easy and Secure

Our platform integrates seamlessly with your existing infrastructure, eliminating the need for a complex onboarding process. Simultaneously, we ensure strict adherence to security standards and GDPR requirements.

Value from Aggregation

By aggregating data from numerous airlines, we offer unparalleled value to data purchasers, broadening potential use cases and enhancing the appeal of our data offerings.

How it works
Manage Preferences and Decide Your Audience

We return airlines to the driver's seat, providing you with complete control over your data access, all within a user-friendly platform. Our mission is to challenge the status quo, forging a path towards a more transparent travel data infrastructure.

Make Your Data Available

We seamlessly transform existing IATA-compliant data into a secure, privacy-focused data feed. Like the 'Amazon of travel data', we facilitate airlines to monetize their own data in a secure and transparent manner, all with minimal effort.

Extract Value and Monetize 

With our all-in-one BookingData platform, you gain effortless control over your sales, permissions, and partnership-related information. Our intuitive, real-time dashboard streamlines your management and monitoring tasks for an efficient data-driven operation.

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Integrated Hotel Offer

Now, airlines can seamlessly integrate hotel offers into their customers' user journey, whether through airline apps or emails. This creates a unified, distraction-free user experience devoid of third-party platforms, simultaneously reducing commission costs.

As the demand for your data escalates among our diverse clientele for various use cases, we've designed the BookingData platform as a comprehensive solution for all travel industry stakeholders. If you're seeking fresh opportunities to monetize your data, you've arrived at the right destination.

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