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Direct and Personalized Hotel Offers

We help hotels reach air travellers with efficient and highly targeted offers

How hotels benefit

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Higher Conversion

Collaborating with our airline partners, we empower hotels to make targeted and personalized offers, leading to significantly higher booking conversion rates.


For maximum reach and enhanced customer experience, we ensure offers are seamlessly integrated into airline apps and emails.

Cost efficient

Save on commissions compare to other platforms

How it works
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Automate Offer with Criteria Filters

Using these templates, hotel users can generate both automated and ad-hoc offers utilizing a broad selection of tools. This ensures each hotel can effortlessly and efficiently reach their desired traveler profiles, consequently driving higher booking conversion rates.

Create Offer Template

We provide hotels with an easy-to-use portal, enabling them to effortlessly create and manage diverse offer templates. These templates can be tailored to match varying passenger profiles and criteria, ensuring the delivery of highly customized and targeted offers to travellers.

Cross-Platform Delivery

Our profound integration with airlines' digital infrastructure enables the inclusion of hotel offers within travelers' journey. Customers are directly presented with content within the airline's app or email, ensuring maximum exposure for hotels without reliance on third-party apps.

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